OVER time, we plan to have a series of virtual exhibitions on the website, showing different aspects of Balkanyi's work. Shows in preparation include themes of location, with prints drawings and watercolours of The Ports of Northern FranceProvenceVenice, and Paris and other themes like The Funfair and the CircusWork,  and Animals.

But the first virtual exhibition, called Fifty Years of Work, gives an overview of a printmaking career that began in 1947 and ended with Balkanyi's death in 2005. It is divided into six sections:

  1. Art school and early work
  2. Finding her way
  3. The Fifties and Sixties
  4. The mature artist
  5. 1985 to 1995
  6. Late work

Later exhibitions that we are planning to put on the website include themes of location, with prints, drawings and watercolours of The ports of Northern France, Provence, Venice, and Paris and other themes like The Funfair and the CircusWork, and Animals.

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All works from the collection are authenticated with the Suzanne Balkanyi Studio stamp, and identified with an SB Catalogue number.

Measurements are approximate and are given width first, then height.

While every effort has been made to ensure that information provided about pictures is accurate, the copyright holder cannot take responsibility for any accidental errors. 

Real world exhibitions

Suzanne Balkanyi's  solo shows include: 

1953 Paris : Galerie Craven

1956 Ljubjana : Moderna Galerija 

1966 Paris : Galerie La Nouvel Essor, 

1971 London : Perrins Gallery

1974 Paris : La Gravure Original

1977 Paris : Galerie Varine-Gincourt

1982 Paris :Galerie Marines

1984 Paris : Galerie Colette Dubois

1986 Paris : Galerie Colette Dubois

1988 Paris : Galerie Bréheret

1994 Paris : Galerie Bréheret

Public collections holding her work include The Victoria and Albert Museum. The British Museum, the French State, the City of Paris, the Musée du Louvre Print Collection, the Zurich Kunsthaus and the Musée de Beaux-Arts de Belfort.

Her work is in numerous private collections worldwide.

Her images have been published in: Acceuil de Paris, Le Trait, La Pointe et Burin, La Gravure Originale. Balkanyi illustrated a number of books including Francis Ambiére’s “Le Bon Marché” and Brussac Philippe and Pierre Mac Orlan’s “La Légion Étrangère” .

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